Android App Configuration



For Android Debug APK
1: WordPress and FTP or Cpanel Login details
2: App name
3: Logo for Splash 160×40
4: App icon 48×48, 72×72, 96×96, 144×144, 192×192
5: App icon circle 48×48, 72×72, 96×96, 144×144, 192×192
6: Google Developer Account (Add our email in google developer account)
7: Facebook Developer Account (Add our Facebook account in Facebook developer app)

8: LinkedIn Account login details (For LinkedIn Login)

To Upload on PlayStore
1: App title (Maximum 50 Characters)
2: Short Description (Maximum 80Characters)
3: Full Description (Maximum 4000 Characters)
4: App Banner icon 512w x 512h
5: Background image 1024w x 500h
6: App images maximum 6
7: App Store Account Details



What will be the setting up charges:

We have included all the required documentation, video tutorials and helping file with download file from code canyon but as you know that android application purchase from code canyon does not include installation or set up. However, if you want us to do it for you, yes we can do it for you but it will be charged separately. We will charge $200 USD $100 USD for setting up an Android application.

What will be included in Setting up?
  • Setting up an Android application
  • Installation of WordPress plugin and create keys.
  • Make Social login Google Plus and Facebook working
  • Fire-base for push notification
  • Youtube API
  • Google places keys
  • Generate .apk file and Make it ready for upload to Google Play Store


All the assets for branding will be provided by you. For setting up we must need to have access to your WordPress admin panel and we must need the Facebook login details along with the google login details or you can add us as a developer so that we can create the API. We will send you the .apk file to test it properly although we’ll test it on our side properly. You have three days’ time to test application if there is something missing or you want to make some changes you can ask after that project will be considered as closed.

Please note that these are only one time charges. If you want us to generate .apk again after the project close, after 1st installation 2nd & 3rd build will be charged as 100$/per installation and so on.

NOTE: App configuration charges are not refundable.